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Now spouse's back x-ray apparently says she has a swollen disk which is pinching a nerve. Nice.

New issue of Games Magazine today. Mmmmmmm...more Paint by Numbers puzzles to consume.

Also bought a new trivia fodder book "Stuff You Should Have Learned at School", on sale, so it should be interesting to see what I've either forgotten, or haven't formed into a question yet.

Cubs need to get more run support. Demps pitched a great game, but committed the sin of giving up a run. All we needed was two runs to win, but we could only manage one, and lost in 13. *sigh* Hopefully the Twins and Wrigley will provide the spark our bats need.

A guy came to our door today, trying to sell us various forms of meats--the same type that sell Omaha Steaks. That alone got Spouse's attention. We got about 10 12-oz steaks, a box of chicken tenders for #2 son (who later said they were 'way better than anything we get in a stor), a box of 90% lean Angus burgers, some chicken breasts, some seasoned and some not...all for $140. The guy seemed on the up-and-up, and makes the trip through our neck of the woods every couple of months during the summer, and just over-ordered this month. We'll have to break out the hibachi and cook out more often, I guess.

Played blackjack for the first time in a while, and I was doing well, until this idiot came along. I split a pair of threes against a seven, and got a double-down 20 and an 18. The idiot next to me waves off on a 14. Dealer revels a 5, giving her 12, and then draws a 9 to make 21. If the idiot next to me had hit, like he was supposed to, he would have lost anyway, but it would have made me win. I'll say it yet again: basic strategy--learn it or stay the hell away from my table.

Okay, to bed.
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They should have come out of Pittsburgh 3-0, and instead they scurry back to Wrigley 1-2, thanks to their own incompetence.

In other news--

--The weather gods have been seriously smiling on this little acre of Hell this weekend. Tuesday last, we were in the low to mid-100s, and then a huge Pacific weather system settled here, actually making a downpour or two here, and the weather has been impeccable since. Today was 81, and tomorrow will be 85, before going back to the furnace Tuesday. Still, a Memorial Day with temps in the mid-80s--sweet.

--My father called me a few days ago. If my father calls me about anything, it must be a big deal--my mom does most of the PR for the two of them. Anyway, she had been complaining of dizziness, disorientation, and extreme weakness. Her doc said to go to the hospital and get blood drawn and a CAT scan. My sis-in-law, a doctor, said it could possibly be vertigo, which explains the weakness, too (that's news to me).

Dad called me back, and informed me of the doc's prognosis--kidney infection. Mom will be having massive amounts of antibiotics pumped into her, but is still mom--full of piss (no pun intended) and vinegar, bless her heart.

It was a bit disconcerting to be reminded of my parents' mortality, especially when they are closer to it than I, but after some thought, and considering of the possibilities, I knew Mom'd be okay.

--Speaking of health, it's been almost a year, and not an ache or pain from my gallbladder.

--Tuesday begins finals. An easy three days for me...in at 8 for an hour to answer any last-second questions about the exams, or to let kids know how they did, and what their final grade will be, then one exam at 9, and another at 10:21, then out for lunch at 11:36. Then back for a while to begin check-out procedures, grade exams, enter grades into the computer, and start packing to go to my new classroom.

--I took #2 son to the new Indy movie, with his friend, and since they already had a ride back home planned out, I hopped over to the casino to try my luck. Well, three and a half hours and nearly $800 later, suffice it to say my losing streak of the last month is over. Seriously, for the past few weeks, the poker machines were ice cold, and the blackjack shoes were brutal. Last night alone, I took $40 to a blackjack table, and I was busted in seven consecutive hands. Didn't win a single hand. Would have had the same chances if I'd set fire to the money. To break it down percentage-wise, being beat by the dealer seven straight hands happens about .8% of the time, or once in 125 tries.

Anyway, I started cold, not winning much, until I hit four aces on a double bonus machine, getting me $200. I lost a bit at blackjack (I hate playing with frikkin' amateurs), then won another $200 hitting four aces again at a double bonus machine (different machine), $120 on a double bonus machine with a multiplier, and then I hit four aces a third time on another double bonus machine.

I lost a little, then took $100 to a double-deck pitch table (blackjack with a two-deck shoe). If you've never played double-deck pitch, this game will make you a lot of money in a short time, or it'll break your heart. Fortunately, it did the former for me. I lost the first five hands, but then I started winning, and left the table after doubling my money.

I was about $380 ahead, when I decided to play $100 into a Monopoly Big Event slot machine. I don't normally play slots, but I do this one. At random times, the machine will play a Big Event bonus game with all eligible players (to become eligible, you must play all 20 reels), and the more coins you play per reel, the higher your multiplier gets, and the more you win. The bonus games are fun, especially Once Around, where you go around a Monopoly board and win everything you land on.

I was playing 3 units per reel (each unit is 2 cents, times 20 reels, plus another unit to be eligible for the Big Event bonuses, so I was playing $1.80 per turn), and my multiplier was at 9X. The Big Event random bonuses were coming at a nice frequency, and the slots were generous, so I had more than doubled my money, but I kept playing. My multiplier had dropped to 7X when the next Big Event bonus came up--Community Chest--and it paid big: 2,000 units times my 7X multiplier. Do the math, and it comes to a $280 payoff.

I cashed out from the machine with $500, leaving the casino $780 ahead after about three hours of work. I paid the spouse $180 to placate her for being out so late, and here I am. This just about puts me even for the month of May, casino-wise.

Nosh du noir: peanut butter sammich and cold milk. Kicking casino @$$ do make me hungry. :)


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