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Every plus and minus from every LJDQ has been compiled. Give me a day to rest, and I will work my statistical magic on the findings. If you have anything you are curious about, ask--if it concerned +1s, -1s, or the subjects thereof, or the stats of the quizlings, I will try to answer them. If I can't, I will say so.

Remember, this is just about +1, -1, and stuff like that--if I had to find the total quotage of each and every quizling, my head would splodey.

Oh, btw, since you asked, [livejournal.com profile] lovellama, your first guest-modding was 1/16/07's quiz.

In other news, the Cubs are back to sucking, and I repaired a broken toilet seat, moved a couch, moved a recliner, carried three bookshelves, cleaned the living room, mailed a huge eBay package full of comics, and played Taxi Dad.

How did I find the time to make this list of LJDQ stats? Beat the hell out of me.

*looks at clock*

Holy shit--I gotta get some sleep!

*heads for bed*
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Well, I compiled the data from 2004 to 2008. Man, this is some kinda juggernaut here.

So far:

--606 quizlings (including the mods) have gotten a + and/or -
--The +1s have covered a range of 577 topics, with a total of 1,033 +1s
--The -1s have covered a range of 167 topics, with a total of 301 -1s
--Miscellaneous topics that cover other bonuses/penalties: 83

Geek of the Week Awards given so far: 85
People caught webcheating: 16

Top 5 plus-scores (without minuses):
1. [livejournal.com profile] astridsdream: 52
2. Why...it's me! : 27
3. [livejournal.com profile] sskipstress: 21
4. [livejournal.com profile] fizrep: 16
5. (tie) [livejournal.com profile] marasca and [livejournal.com profile] thepikey: 14

Highest plus-score so far without earning a single - : [livejournal.com profile] cmzero with 10

Most popular +1 topics through 2008:
1) The Simpsons--37 +1s
2) Monty Python and the Holy Grail--33
3) Monty Python's Flying Circus--25
4) The Princess Bride--19
5) South Park--15
6) Punning--14
7) The Tick--11
8) Airplane--10
8) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy--10
10) Spaceballs--9

(FWIW, Sting has moved up into a tie for 24th place)

As this is becoming a nice healthy obsession, I will probably be finished by the end of Friday, if not Saturday.

Btw, I had to fudge on a couple of numbers here and there, due to lack of clarity, but my calql8ions are fairly solid.

I also did not total all the traditional awards like the Gibberish Award, TMI Award, Logic Renunciation Award, et al. I prolly will after this task is ended, if I feel like it.

Finally, let me say that, if you can imagine how much work to compile the data from all these quizzes, imagine how many hours that the mods have taken to write each quiz, and slog through all our answers.

Therefore, [livejournal.com profile] chaosvizier, [livejournal.com profile] angledge, and special guest/longterm mod [livejournal.com profile] lovellama deserve much love, gratitude and applause for giving us what I think is an incredibly entertaining distraction week after week.

*stands and applauds the mods*

*heads for bed*
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What I am doing:

1) listing all of the +s and -s each LJDQ quizling has received
2) listing all the categories of the +1s, -1s, and other miscellaneous bonii (huh huh, he said 'bonii')
3) making a frequency table of all the +1 and -1 categories

What I am not doing:

1) counting all the quotages of each individdle quizling. Oh, hell, no.

I am through May, 2006, so far. Interesting tidbits:

--Biggest plus: +5, several reasons
--Biggest minus: -10,000, by Ang, for rooting for the Steelers
--Total Geek of the Week Awards so far: 49
--Recipient of the most GotWs: Probably [livejournal.com profile] atarlas. No one else is even close
--Despite the mods' alleged love for Sting, there have only been two +1s for mentioning him
--Highest + score, without acquiring a - of any kind: [livejournal.com profile] paradoxtaur, 10

Mods +/- scores so far:
[livejournal.com profile] chaosvizier: 0, (+3, -3)
[livejournal.com profile] angledge: -11, (+3, -11)
[livejournal.com profile] lovellama: -2, (+1, -3)

Leading +1 references, in order of frequency:
1) The Simpsons
2) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
3) The Princess Bride
tie 4) Monty Python's Flying Circus
4) Punning

Total quizlings who have received a + or -, so far, purged or otherwise: 386
Total +1 categories so far: 325
Total +1 bonuses given by the benevolent mods: 490
Total -1 categories so far: 110
Total -1 penalties given by the malevolent mods: 185

Two years of quizzes down, four to go.
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The gauntlet was thrown, and I picked the sucker up.

I am currently gathering stats on the +1s, -1, and all +s and -s in-between that the LJDQ mods have given since their inception in 2004.

I am also listing all the quizlings, past and present, along with their aggregate +/- quotients.

This could take a while.

I just got through 2004, and so far there have been:

103 different players, purged or otherwise

120 +1s, covering
103 different categories

20 Geek of the Week Awards
18 Full Credits
9 Half-Credits (cue irony)

51 -1s, not including GotW, covering
40 different categories

20 assorted plusses and minuses of various and sundry amounts

On to 2005!
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Hawkeye: Bored.
BJ: So bored.
Hawkeye: So bored, it's boring.
BJ: Boring-ding-ding.
Hawkeye: Boronus, Boretis, Boremus--'I came, I saw, I bored'
BJ: He bored, she bored, they bored.
Hawkeye: All a-bored!
BJ: I was gonna say that!

I shut off the Cubs-Mariners game when the M's put up a four-spot in the 4th innings. I knew the Cubs wouldn't even ger close to sniffing the lead after that. Final score: 8-1, Mariners.

So, in my boredom, I went through the LJDQ archives, from the get-go, and played Stat Rat on myself, snd found out about the life of [livejournal.com profile] i_calql8, quizling:

First quiz played: March 7, 2006
First multi-quotage quiz: May, 9, 2006 (It took me that long?)
First +1: September 18, 2006
Reason: +1, Sting
First Geek of the Week: March 27, 2006
Reason: Knowing what a Snellen chart was
Best quiz score: 5 of 6, done twice

Quotages: 366
Quotages containing puns: 106
Total +1s: 48
Total +2s: 1
Total -1s: 4
Correct answers to Question #6: 2

Reasons for +s:

Blazing Saddles (four times)
Sting (twice)
Star Trek IV (twice)
Judge Dredd (twice)
The Simpsons (twice)
Mystery Men (twice)
Schoolhouse Rock (twice)
Kill Bill (twice)
Ghostbusters (twice)
Being old school
Office Space
Boot to the Head
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
For being old
Saturday Night Live
Conan the Barbarian
Thundarr the Barbarian
Wayne's World
Summoning the power of Clint Eastwood
The Untouchables
Better Off Dead
Wet Dream
Top Secret
The Blues Brothers
The Venture Brothers
South Park
James Taylor
Plants vs. Zombies
The Muppet Show
Ren & Stimpy
The Godfather
Ang isn't looking

Reasons for -s:

Geek of the Week (twice)
Gratuitous Dick jokes
Using "conceivably" in a sentence dealing with impregnation

Truly, I have no life.

But then, the LJDQ is fun, when my funneh is working right. And the LJDQ is love. And bliss. And humor. And bacon. And gin and pudding. And I am okay with that.
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My first week back from Modland, and, using the Unmodified [livejournal.com profile] germankitty Scoring System, I am true to my word and have pwned [livejournal.com profile] germankitty for another week. Plus she called me a perv! Bonus! ;-)

(Of course, if we used my more fraction-oriented *koff*and accurate*koffkoff* system, she'd top me. But shhhh! We won't tell her that, m'kay?)

In other news, #1 son does not 'get' Monty Python. #2 son, who can occasionally dip his brain into the surreal, does get it. He just doesn't appreciate it yet. Give him time--he's only 16.

In general, life, outside of teaching, is okay. But if the cat crawls on my bed, m'rowing for breakfast, 20 minutes before my alarm goes off, one more time, I will be catapulting her for distance. Bad enough she keeps trying to kill me by slinking between my feet, trying to trip me...

I just need to get through this week. Then I get three half-days next week because of testing. We're over the hump for this semester, which means the home stretch is coming, which is good, and the kids will behave in a proportionally stupid fashion as we near finals, which is bad.

Just 36 school days 'til finals. That's just under 32 hours for each class. I can make it. I can make it.
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My pun(s) that didn't make it on this week's LJDQ"

5. Mizar and Alcor can be found in which constellation?

I was going to say Camelopardis, but that's in the Andromedary Galaxy. I guess I haven't the Vega-st idea. I Apollogize.

Sports trivia tonight was a wash--seems no one wants to spend Memorial Day in a bar. Go figure.

Cubs lost their 8th straight, 10-8. They finally find their bats, and the pitching asses it up. Against the frikkin' Pirates, fer crissakes.

And why is Neal Cotts still on the team? He beyond-sucks. I will be seriously worried if Marshall or Z can't get at least a win between them.
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I thought this one would make the cut on the LJDQ, but, sadly, it didn't.

1. Archimedes supposedly invented which device for the purpose of draining water from King Hieron's luxury ship, the Syracusia?

Little-known fact: Archimedes approximated the circumference/diameter ratio as 22/7, which explains his being overweight--he had a little too much pi.

...oh, well, at least the Mennonite one got in. *smiles*
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(...and it is sooo welcome)

On the school funding (or appalling lack thereof) front, it looks like the cuts will go at least halfway into the next school year. Good grief. And it's not like the school district appropriated the funds--the state government (or appalling lack thereof) just up and cut the budget balance to zeroes. Out of the freakin' blue. Yeah. Nice.

Today was quiz day at Underfunded University. All I did between last quiz and this was throw in equations--we did factoring already, and now it was time to use it to solve equations. In other words, I am teaching a skill, then adding to it--just like someone would do with the kids if they had an actual job. If they can't handle new tasks involving just numbers and variables, how can they do it when it involves machinery, techology, human resources, and the like?

On the plus side, half the 3rd period class got an 'A', so I know overall that 1) I did an effective job teaching, 2) the material was not beyond their grasp, and 3) if a student failed, it was their own damn fault. So there.

LJDQ is done for this week. I tell you, I look at the questions on Tuesday, and think "Omg, how the hell am I going to make anything marginally funny from this?" And by Friday, with a pun, a rant, an actual right answer, and a few pop culture references, I have the quiz done. I have no idea why I need to get the quotage every Monday, but, dammit, I need it bad.

In other news, I found two new trivia websites to stripmine for question fodder. Most trivia sites are mostly filled with too-easy questions, sometimes even inaccurate ones (no, Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet, nor did Otto Titsling invent the brassiere, and a duck's quack does echo), or they're college bowl-level of toughness. These websites are juuuuuuust riiiiiight. I can cherry-pick some good stuff from the material there. Mmmmmmmmmm...trivialicious.

We have a RenFair here this weekend. I used to like them, until I realized they weren't so much RenFairs as BuyAllOurShitFairs. Pass.

Putting more comics on eBay this weekend. This Sunday--Conan, Daredevil, and some 70s Marvel horror, with some old Lev Gleason comics thrown in for good measure (drools). Box #3 of 12 is now emptied, meaning over 1,000 comics sold. W00t! And to think...it only took six months!

My just-played playlist on my smooth jazz station on Pandora:
Samba Del Luna, Craig Chaquico w/Russ Freeman
Feels So Good, Chuck Mangione
Kisses in the Rain, Rick Braun
Drive Time, David Benoit
Night Crawler, Bob James
Feel, Louis Landon
Ecstacy, Jeff Kashiwa

I so love pandora.com.

Tomorrow, I shovel out #1 son's room, take #2 son's bike to be fixed, do dishes, take pics of eBay comics and pre-write the listing copy, make Marshmallow Rice Krispies Treats, and write questions. Oh, and catch up on sleep. After this week, I think I earned a little. :-)
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Woo hoo! Three and a half quotages! *happydances*

Two of my weaker puns, and one of my stronger ones, made the cut. The one pun I thought was awesome, but did not have enough funneh for the mods:

Q: Who was the loquacious simian supervillain who frequently battled the Powerpuff Girls?

A: Because there's no wrong way to beat a Rhesus.

Did I mention they gave me three anna half quotages? Woo hoo! *happydances*
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Missed puns that didn't make the LJDQ cut this week, because germankitty is some people are just curious, in the same way that they slow down to see a car wreck or fight...

Q: Who is the "detective" in the Agatha Christie novels "The Moving Finger" and "The Body in the Library"?

A: I was a big Agatha Christie fan, until a fire ruined my collection. The Poirot novels were saved, but I lost my Marples.

Best of the bunch, with a high spousal groan factor, but I have a feeling others thought of it, too.

Q: Fun with lyrics! Name the song and the band:
I've never been in love
I don't know what it is
Only knows if someone wants her
I want them if they want me
I only know they want me

A: "Want-anamera"

Weaker pun, but still, I thought it would get in. Oh, well. *shrugs*

Q: Martha Cannary was better known as whom?

A: Calamity Jane, aka Cannary Whoa

Prolly lots of Cannery Row puns were submitted, so I'm not surprised here. I is still happys with my double quotages. XD
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The puns that failed to make the cut on this week's LJDQ:

2. Who was the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra?

Electra. When she was young, her parents read to her from Dr. Zeus.

I kinda liked that one, even though it's kind of a tack-on pun.

4. What line dance was created by Ric Silver in 1976?

The Ric Flair

This one is admittedly weak, punwise, but it had wrestling. WRESTLING! I toyed with the idea that the Ric Flares might better describe disco pants, but this pun stayed with me.

Still...double quotage today! Minor squee!!!
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One of (I think) my more clever puns inexplicably missed the cut. It even passed the Spousal Wince Test. You decide: groanworthy or not?

2. Fun with lyrics! Easy, even! Name the band and the song:
"We gotta install microwave ovens
Custom kitchen deliveries
We gotta move these refrigerators
We gotta move these colour tvs"

My answer: "She's Buying Me Appliance", Thomas Dolby

Polls remain open until the Cubs win the Series.

On the plus side, I did get three quotes, and a lesser pun made the grade, so I am appeased. The ways of the mods, though, remain a mystery, still just beyond my understanding.
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This was a rejected answer on the LJDQ this week, but I like it so much, I have to run it...

1. What infamous computer game company operated under the slogan "Design Is Law"?

In any right triangle, sinA/a = sinB/b = sinC/c...wait--that's not "Design is Law", it's the Law of Sines! Never mind.

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Because [livejournal.com profile] germankitty just has to know...

2. Stacey Q's "one hit wonder" status came as a result of which song?
Two of Hearts, also known as the very first Q card.

Well, I thought it was clever...
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