Jan. 19th, 2011

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These are they individual yearly LJDQ statistics. The All-Time Happy Fun Statpage will come around tomorrow, so I can make more extensive lists of individual statistics. For now, it's the rundown of each year, from 2004 to 2011.

Okay, before we start:

--The stats only include quizlings who got quotage, since I do not have access to who actually played. If you played the quiz for an extended period of time, and got no quotage, the solution is simple: be funnier!

--Streaks do carry over from the previous year. For example, if your streak goes for the first four weeks of '05, and the last two weeks of '04, it still counts as a streak of 6.

--There are fractional quotages. If two people were on one quote, each got .5; if three people, .3333; if four, .25, and so on. Call it an encouragement to be unique. If a quizling is mentioned with "and others", the mentioned quizling gets .1 quotage, and the others get squat. The quiz, she is a cruel mistress.

--When all is said and done, I did the best I could. This is not infallible. There will be errors, albeit small, sprinkled, albeit hopefully sparsely, on my spreadsheet. I am only a one-person operation, and therefore, have no proofreader. If you have a dispute with my results, I suggest you organize your own set of data yourself, then come talk to me. Then get a life. :P

So, like, anyway, heeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go! )
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Here's the aggregate list of stats from the last 6.5 years of LJDQ goodness, for the period ending 12/31/10. The dates listed are those of when the answers were given.

I extended the lists of individual stats in order to recognize those who went, played, and took quiz, but never got into the rankings of any individual year. Top 20s all around!

And now, the culmination of thousands of enjoyably misspent hours )


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